The Escapist Escape Room


In a forgotten warehouse in South Bermondsey – South London, Lavinia Carter runs her bar ‘The Escapist’, once a lively part of the local arts scene.  Rumours and strange occurrences have led to Lavinia and her bar to being shunned.  Her behaviour becomes ever more erratic and now Lavinia herself seems to have gone missing.

Lavinia’s sense of adventure has always been strong, with her travelling the world at a moment’s notice.  However, her trips have been getting more frequent and secretive since she has been uncovering strange truths about her late grandfather.

Lavinia’s long-term friend Alfie has asked you to help get the bar back to it’s former glory while she’s away on her latest trip.  Will your curiosity lead you to snoop around when he isn’t looking..?  What is Lavinia up to..?  What happened to her grandfather..?

You have an hour to play this Escape Room where every puzzles tells a piece of the story.  Lead your team to find clues, solve puzzles and uncover Lavinia’s secrets.  This Escape Game is for teams of between 2 and 6 people and is based in South Bermondsey, just one stop from London Bridge station in South London.

Don’t be afraid to play The Escapist if you are particularly timid, Alfie will look after you and make sure you come to no harm.  If this is your first escape room, you can always ask for more help to see you through.



Modern Fables is South London’s truly immersive escape room experience where every puzzle tells the story.

We set ourselves apart from other Escape Rooms by creating site-specific, story-led games focussed on immersing players in unique sensory stories.  We use urban legends as our source material so it is not known how much of the stories are actually true… that’s up to you to decide.

Step into Modern Fables’ first Escape Room, The Escapist.






2-6 players