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Modern Fables Escape Room in South Bermondsey, South London


Immerse Yourself In a Hidden World Where Every Puzzle Tells The Story

This unique experience has been designed to be fully immersive and atmospheric, transporting you to a mysterious world where you will find clues and solve puzzles with your team to unravel it’s secrets.  With a creative and inventive twist on escape room games, this will be an intriguing and fun hour.


Games are every two hours during the day and every 90 minutes from 5pm. Our Escape Room is open seven days a week with the first game starting at 10am and the last game starting at 9.45pm. Prices range from £21.67 to £34.50 per person depending on team size.


With your team of 2 – 6 people, uncover the hidden truth by solving puzzles and searching for clues in London’s truly immersive escape room. Think Crystal Maze with a storyline that draws you ever deeper into the mystery.


Using theatrical design we have created a truly immersive experience you won’t forget. Every puzzle in the Modern Fables escape room gives away another part of the story in which you find yourself. Get lost in an exciting narrative that stimulates your senses and rekindles your adventuring spirit.


Our Escape Room is a team game for 2 - 5 people in South London that will build relationships and find strengths you never knew you had.

Friends & Families

An exciting adventure that will bring your friends and family closer together. A fantastically fun Escape Room experience in South London that you will all be talking about for weeks to come.


Only one stop away from London Bridge, our Escape Room is in South Bermondsey, London where you will find an adventure like none other awaiting you. Close to the fashionable areas of Bermondsey and Peckham, close to the heart of London.


Gamers and Escape Room enthusiasts alike love our Escape Room. Those who long for immersion and realism will find a whole new realm of possibilities before them. Put down your controllers and step into the world of Modern Fables…


Bring your teams of 2 – 6 people and you will soon see relationships building, teamwork improving and communication skills developing. All this while experiencing the latest cutting edge Escape Room entertainment. Get in touch to make your event bespoke to your needs.





£34.50 each


£28 each


£25 each


£22 each


£21.67 each


Time is running out, can you save yourself from the inevitable...?

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South London's 5* rated Escape Room


One stop from London Bridge, our Escape Room is a short walk from South Bermondsey station as well as Surrey Quays station and the Old Kent Road bus routes in South London.

Bermondsey Mile craft beer breweries in South London.

Bermondsey Mile Craft Beer

Next to the famous Bermondsey Mile –  A series of craft breweries, including Four Pure, who open their doors for drinks at certain times.  Why not include a visit to our Escape Room on your Bermondsey Mile tour?

Modern Fables Escape Room, based in South Bermondsey, South London

A Creative Hub

The Modern Fables Escape Room is located in Guild House, Rollins Street, London, SE15 1EP next to Cell Studios.  This area of South London is a local creative hub housing artist studios and creative industries that serve TV and Film.

The Black Horse pub in Deptford

Great Food

There are a range of great bars, restaurants and pubs within 15 mins walk of the escape room.  Our friends at The Black Horse SE8 serve craft beer from 4pm weekdays and 12pm weekends and we know you’ll love their luscious Sourdough Pizza!


Answers to common questions below...

What is an Escape Game or Escape Room?

Escape Rooms (also known as Escape Games) are a very different experience from usual group activities!  They are live games where you interact with the space around you.  Your problem solving and decision making skills will be tested in an exciting environment and you will learn things about yourself and your team-mates you never knew before! If you’re still unsure what an Escape Room is, think Crystal Maze with an intriguing storyline where each puzzle tells part of the story.

Is the game scary?

Our escape game is not designed to be scary but is spooky in places and created to be atmospheric.  There are no scare tactics used and nobody will jump out on you so don’t be put off if you think you are easily scared!

Who can play this Escape Game?

You can play The Escapist by Modern Fables together with your family, friends or colleagues; or play it as a corporate game for a fantastic team-building exercise. Learning while having lots of fun…? Yes, that’s right!

Is there an age restriction or recommendation for playing Escape Games?

Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult who can deal with potential over-exciement! Younger players may find the puzzles too difficult but prompts from a sensitive adult really can be just as rewarding.

Are there other games similar to this activity?

There are many computer games online and offline that are similar to Escape Rooms. There are also TV shows such as The Crystal Maze and The Cube which have similar concepts. The main difference being that you actually take part in our story as one of the main characters!

How difficult is this Escape Game?

The Escapist by Modern Fables is designed to be played by 2 – 5 adults within 60 minutes. Therefore, The Escapist has a difficulty rating of Medium. None of the puzzles need factual knowledge from outside the game so there’s no need to have a degree in astrophysics or be the world pub-quiz champion to take part. In fact, you’ll bring in skills that may indeed show your pub quiz friends they aren’t so smart after all! That being said though, it’s still a game so some may find it easier than others… there’s no guarantee you’ll win!

Do we have to wear special costumes to play the game?

No, but we won’t stop you if you want to turn up as Gandalf the Grey in a mankini! In fact, that would be extremely entertaining for your Games Master! That being said though, just wear sensible clothing you might wear on any average activity that gets you to move around a little. No need for a sports kit but 12″ heels may restrict you…

Will we be safe during the game?

You can ask for help or assistance at any time during the game.  A Games Master will be monitoring you at all times and they’ll make sure you’re safe. That being said though, as with anything, it’s important you engage common sense as you would in any situation! You are never actually locked in a room and can leave whenever you want.

Does the Escape Room have refreshment facilities?

There are no refreshment facilities onsite as Lavinia has been neglecting the bar for a while now – and this is why Alfie needs your help! However feel free to ask about the great local restaurants and pubs in nearby New Cross, Deptford, Peckham, or Herne Hill.

Where is The Escapist by Modern Fables located?

The Escapist, Lavinia’s fabled bar is located in Guild House, Rollins Street, London, SE15 1EP. We’re close to South Bermondsey station, just one stop from London Bridge. It is also possible to walk from Surrey Quays or Queens Road Peckham stations.  We can’t accept walk-in customers so please book online before visiting us.

What if I am late or can't make it to play the game?

Because this is a live event game it is vital that you arrive 10 minutes before your booking to ensure that you are not late. Those that arrive late cannot be admitted as it may spoil the experience for others. Unfortunately, we cannot accept refunds or cancellations.

Can I bring extra players along on the day?

You are welcome to bring extra players but please remember the game is designed for 2 – 5 people and more than this may impact on your experience. Additional players need to pay the per person rate for your game and bring cash on the day. Unfortunately we cannot accept refunds for any team members that don’t show up

Is the Escape Room wheelchair accessible?

It is with great regret that at this stage the game is unsuitable for those who use a wheelchair to get around. If you’re not good with steps in a confined space you may also find things tricky. Please do contact us if you have any worries about accessibility.

Can I take photos or film inside the Escape Room?

No photography or filming is allowed during the game.

Is there anything else I should worry about?

The game contains flashing lights, dim lighting and a brief run-in with a fairly confined space.  Please do get in touch if any of these aspects are a concern for you.  Please note that some puzzles include written English.



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