Modern Fables is an award-winnning escape room destination located just off Broadway Market in Hackney, east London. We produce exciting, enticing, nerve-jangling adventures that will create those fond memories your friends or family wont forget in a hurry.

With our roots in London, we are a proudly independent company that shuns conformity.  We design and create our experiences in-house with the aid of talented theatrical artists to bring you originality rarely seen in escape rooms.  We focus on creating experiences we love rather than relying on bought-in games and stale clichés.

We set ourselves apart from other escape rooms by creating intriguing stories that immerse you right from the very beginning. You'll meet odd characters who set the scene, immersing you in a story that feels like an adventure - not just a set of puzzles.  By the way, our characters will never make you feel uncomfortable or force you to sing and dance!  Unless you want to of course...

Escape to another world with Modern Fables.



A stone's throw from the exciting Broadway Market alongside the beautiful Regents Canal in Hackney, East London.  We are accessible from Haggerston, Cambridge Heath,  London Fields and Bethnal Green stations.

Just around the corner from great pubs such as The Cat + Mutton, restaurants like Franco Manca and a couple of fantastic cocktail bars, Modern Fables' exciting location gives you the opportunity for pre- or post- game drinks and food.

And dont forget the picnic opportinities of nearby London Fields as well as other local destinations such as Columbia Road Flower Market, Hackney City Farm and London Fields Lido.  A destination not to be missed!

You’ll soon see stronger bonds being forged with your friends and colleagues while you take part in our adventures!

 For a bespoke event, drop us an email.

Modern Fables Escape Rooms are located next to Regents CanalModern Fables Escape Rooms are located just off Broadway Market in Hackney, east London




  • TEAMS OF 2 - 6 PEOPLE*

    £25 per person

    (*2 player - The Escapist only at £75)



An 80s-tinged sci-fi involving travel to parallel universes enabling you to experience different versions of yourself.  Some out there are very much against this though...

Your dreams have been getting stranger and more vivid lately.  In your dreams, you play yourself but there’s something different about you in some way.  Something you can’t quite put your finger on.  Something unsettling.  The past few nights dreaming have also featured a strange symbol that keeps appearing in the strangest of places.  One night it might appear as a secret tattoo, another night it might be the pattern of the wallpaper in a house you break into.  Of course, you’re used to odd dreams but you broke out into a cold sweat when one night, a card with the very same symbol on it was slipped into your pocket.   You didn’t see who left it with you but you have a strong feeling enticing you to investigate...

The address on the card is Second Floor, Regents Studios, 8 Andrews Road, London, E8 4QN.  What do you do?







A strange mystery with an ambiguous 1920's vibe. Has Lavinia's disappearance got anything to do with the cults her Grandfather used to associate with?

Your eerie escape adventure brings you to a once bustling underground bar called ‘The Escapist’, run by the enigmatic Lavinia Carter in Hackney.  For along time Lavinia was a leading figure on the New Cross and Deptford arts scene. But now strange happenings and mysterious disappearances mean the bar has been shunned and now Lavinia herself seems to have gone missing.

Lavinia does have a habit of taking impromptu trips though… but something does seem different this time.  Has her interest in her late grandfather got anything to do with her recent disappearance? Or will she turn up on the backpacker trail sipping a margarita?

It’s time to meet with mutual long-term friend Alfie who is trying to get the bar back to it’s former glory while she’s away.  Can you figure out what’s been going on?

This game can also be personalised to a member of your team for an extra cost.  This works well for general surprises, birthdays and any other reason you can think of!  Get in touch to find out more.  

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Our current games are inspired by the understated genius that was HP Lovecraft.  Relatively unknown during his lifetime, he has since gained cult following and his influence can be found throughout modern-day film and literature.  Lovecraft is known as the creator of the 'cosmic horror' genre.  This often relates to humanity's fear of the unknown and to the endless and boundless cosmos.  Have you any idea what lurks out there...?

Although Lovecraft wrote horror stories, he, like us, was never interested in shock factor or jump scares.  Our games are an unsettlig mystery that unravels the deeper you go and the more you exlpore.  Our goal isnt to terrify you but to make you feel slightly unsettled and push what you dare to explore.  So, if you're not a fan of horror, it's ok, all you need is a sense of adventure and you'll have a great time!

Our games are all part of the same (fictional...?) universe and story.  You don't need to play them in any particular order but each time you join us you will learn more about the universe in which they are set.  

For an hour, lead your team as you delve into an adventure like no other.  Our escape games are for teams of between 3 - 6 people and are located just off Broadway Market, Hackney, East London.

Using, sights, sounds, smell and touch we’ll transport you to another world and ignite your sense of adventure.  We set ourselves apart from other escape rooms by creating story-led games focussed on immersing players in unique sensory narratives. 

Escape to another world with Modern Fables.


Where are the Modern Fables escape rooms?

Second Floor, Regents Studios
8 Andrews Road, London,

E8 4QN

Tel No: 0203 302 6360

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